The EPIC Facilitator Academy™ Presents...

The EPIC Facilitator Retreat
A 4-Day Transformational Facilitation Training and Adventure Retreat Experience with Master Facilitator, Marli Williams

April 18th - 21st 

Banks, OR
45min. West of Portland, OR 

Only 10 Spots

Personalized experience with high level of support and individual attention

Marli Williams

Founder of The EPIC Facilitator Academy
This experience is different from any training you've ever attended.
This is not a conference. This is not a boring AF training. There are no conference rooms, no rows of chairs, no fluorescent lights and I won't be talking at you from a stage.   

This is a high level immersive experience that is designed uniquely for YOU to step into your greatness as a Transformational Facilitator.

There will be opportunities for you to actually PRACTICE and get FEEDBACK on your transformational facilitation skills and presence within a community of other incredible leaders and coaches. 
This training is about enhancing and upleveling your skills and confidence as a facilitator of transformational experiences.  
Your Retreat Journey
Thursday, April 18th
By the end of this day, you will...
 Have 10 new relationships with Transformational Facilitators like yourself
 Experience a "Powerful Beginning" (one of the pillars of Transformational Facilitation™)
Saturday April 20th
By the end of this day, you will...
 Create a powerful framework and understanding of how to facilitate your own transformational experiences 
 Practice, give and receive meaningful feedback from others on your facilitation presence and delivery 
Friday, April 19th
By the end of this day, you will...
 Understand Transformational Facilitation™ and how to apply it to your work in the world
 Have 20 new activities and exercises you can use in your own events
Sunday, April 21st
By the end of this day, you will...
 Develop your Signature Facilitation Framework that you can use in any of your own live events
 Learn the business of facilitation: How to market and fill your live events, experiences and retreats
This is for you if... 

 - You are a facilitator, coach, consultant, speaker or author.

 - You want to serve the world with your gifts, but sometimes you aren't quite sure how to translate your magic through live events, workshops, retreats and other experiences. 

 - You already lead and facilitate live events and want to take your skills to the next level to create more impact and transformation for your audience and community.

 - You want to feel confident in powerfully delivering an experience that doesn't just give people information but creates transformation. 

 - You want to feel STOKED about stepping into your new identity as a Transformational Facilitator™ and create in-demand experiences for others to learn, grow and transform.
Here are some Transformational Facilitators I have helped...
Michael Knouse

"I've gotten such great results from Marli's facilitation training that I've officially brought her on as my coach to help me sharpen my facilitation skills. I want to provide an optimal experience for the members of my Visionary Business Builders cohort so I'm investing with the best.

I'm a firm believer in having 'A-Players' help me become better at what I love to do and I've seen Marli demonstrate facilitation with such ease and grace that I found myself saying "I want to do that!" So it's with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and even a little bit of anxiousness that I'm having Marli Williams coach & support me with my upcoming Council cohort.

In our first meeting I already nailed down the new format, framework and objective for making my 'Council Circles' powerful and engaging for all members. So much goodness from just our first meeting!

Can't wait to share more amazing updates as our work together unfolds. Thank you, Marli!"

- Michael Knouse
Founder of the Council of Visionary Business Builders

“I am a full time coach who happens to love teaching and facilitating. As someone who spends her days serving others it was only a matter of time before I added facilitation to my work. I’ve spent close to a decade mastering coaching, facilitating was totally foreign to me. While I am a natural teacher and truly love it, there were gaps I wasn’t aware of. 

In a single conversation with Marli she was able to see my whole vision, understand the flow of my program, and help fill in gaps I didn’t even know were there. She came up with a handful of simple things, for example using core groups within the larger trainer for safety and connection, and playful transitions that match the energy of the teachings. She understands that the context in which someone learns determines how the content is actually received. 

If you are a coach who speaks, teaches, or facilitates then I highly recommend working with her. Your students will thank you!”

- Andrea Leda
Life Coach Guru™
Andrea Leda

“Marli is incredible at facilitating transformational experiences, as well as teaching others how to lead their own. In a short time working with Marli, she has shown me how to bring my background of outdoor education and facilitation into my new role as coach, speaker, and trainer. 

As I prepare presentations or workshops, I have changed my focus from designing slides with information, to planning interactive activities to engage the audience. I also create opportunities for participants to connect and share how they plan to implement what they have learned, increasing the likelihood of lasting transformation."

- Betsy Davidson
The Changemaker Mentor

“I am so grateful for Marli's support in upping my facilitation game. As a teacher and Spiritual Mentor, I hold space for a lot of people. It's one thing to learn how to hold a group container out of necessity and natural presence, and another thing entirely to create a very purposeful experience that achieves a powerful, transformational result.

Marli immediately spotted some areas in my retreats that could use some support! She helped me craft a few powerful exercises to create rapport and great dynamics within my group. I am delighted to report that this last retreat went better than ever. My students walked away glowing, inspired and connected as a cohort, and I feel empowered to offer the kind of live event that will blow people away."

- Michelle Hawk
Shaman, Alchemist, Spiritual Mentor & Master Healer
Michelle Hawk
As a result of this training you will have... 

 - A stronger sense of confidence in who you are as a facilitator and how to create transformational experiences for others

 - A framework for your next workshop, event or retreat that will be engaging, interactive and transformative

 - Your own personal facilitation philosophy around what you do and how you do it

 - A collection of the best activity ideas from the weekend that we will develop into a PDF ebook for you to use anytime

 - A powerful community of other transformational facilitators
Everything You're Getting...
4 Days Of Live Training, Feedback & Support With Marli 
Marli will be sharing her signature Transformational Facilitation Framework™ with you and will be there to personally support you developing the skills and confidence to implement these tools into your work.
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4 Days & 3 Nights at a Beautiful Retreat Center
Enjoy the all-inclusive comfort of Heaven & Earth Retreat Center - a beautiful retreat center less than 1 hour West of Portland, OR. Rooms are shared accommodations. (Not included: travel to and from retreat center - we will help arrange carpools)
Valued at
Gourmet Nourishing Meals + Healthy Snacks for 4 Days and 3 Nights
Enjoy amazing Farm to Table dinners, fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the training retreat. 
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BONUS #1: Pre-Retreat Coaching Session 
You will schedule a pre-retreat coaching session to set clear intentions for your time at this training retreat.  
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BONUS #2: Post-Retreat Integration Coaching Session 
After the retreat you will schedule an integration coaching session to help you integrate and apply what you learned at the training to your own events.
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BONUS #3 Lifetime Access To The EPIC Facilitator™ Community  
The Transformational Facilitator™ Community is a network of incredible facilitators who are dedicated to upleveling their craft and supporting each other in doing so.
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BONUS #4 The Ultimate Facilitator's Playbook™
The Ultimate Facilitators Playbook™ has been designed for YOU to have the most powerful activities that I facilitate with groups at your finger tips.
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Your Price For All of This = $1,750
Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!
Email us with any questions you have about the event, registration, travel, or accomodations
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does the admissions process work?
I review applications as they come in. If you are a great fit for this training, I will contact you to schedule a 15min. introductory call. Once your application is approved, you will have 3 days to complete registration and payment to reserve your space. If you do not complete your registration within 3 days your spot will be given to the next qualified applicant. 
Q: What happens between now and the event?
Once you complete your registration you will immediately be added to the EPIC Facilitator™ Community to begin connecting with other leaders in the field. Enjoy this time to catch up on Master Classes and review my existing resources. Keep an eye on your email for a Welcome Packet with additional information and preparation materials.
Q: Is there a payment plan?
The investment in this training is either:
 - $1750 paid in full upon acceptance into the retreat
 - OR two payments of $900, 1st payment due upon acceptance and 2nd payment due by April 1st
Q: What happens if I can no longer attend?
All payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to any future work or training with me within 6 months (must be used by October 1st 2019).
Q: What's included in the fee?
The $7,500 investment includes your lodging for 6 nights, meals, a group social activity in the city, and five full work days focused on developing content, establishing systems, and implementing your business model. This is not a retreat or conference. You will be working to achieve results and you will have the help to get it done quickly and effectively.

Q: What happens between now and the event?
Once we receive your payment, we will immediately begin working and have two 60-minute calls in the 2 weeks leading up to the event to do pre-work so that we can hit the ground running when you arrive. This will allow us to make the most of your time in New York and ensure the completion of your deliverables by the end of the week. 
Q: How much will it cost?
The investment is $7,500. You will make a $2,500 “I’m serious” non-refundable deposit now that will be applied against the $7,500 to reserve your spot and room. You will be staying at my home here in New York in one of five private bedrooms. You can also pay $6,500 in full before the May 1st deadline to save $1,000.

Q: How do I pay?
You can use the links above to make your deposit or payment in full. 

If you choose to make a deposit today, your next payment will be at the halfway mark between April 15th and today. And then your final payment will be on April 15th.

We could also arrange for a wire transfer if you would prefer that instead.

Q: When do I arrive to and depart from the retreat?
Please arrive at Heaven & Earth Retreat Center between 4-5pm on Thursday, April 18th. We will wrap up and leave by noon on Sunday, April 21st 7th. 

If you are flying into Portland, please arrange your flight to arrive in PDX no later than 2pm on Thursday April 18th and departing no earlier than 3pm on Sunday, April 21st
Q: What happens after the retreat?
After the 4 day retreat, you will have additional support to make sure that you succeed. You will receive an integration coaching call with Marli. 

If you are interested in further 1-on-1 support to continue to uplevel your facilitation game, let's talk. 
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